How Sweet it is to be loved by YOU.

Could YOU be VH’s next success?

Our block programmes have had success for the people who are willing to make the changes.

Our most recent programme resulted in participants losing over a stone
and up to 9 inches in an 8-week period.

VH has helped those who are ready to help themselves.

We’re now offering drop in sessions rather than the block sessions so why not use your golden ticket and come along on a Monday at 19:30, sign up to receive a tracker, access to 24/7 support via WhatsApp, weekly food tasters and recipes to help you in your new lifestyle.

“I have found the classes both informative and interesting and above all it has re-educated me on food. My energy levels have increased and I no longer feel bloated or lethargic. Finally, I have dropped another dress size and I am now wearing size 10 jeans, which I have not done in over 20 years!! I just want to say thank you for your help and advice and I feel motivated to continue. I feel this is now a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.”
“I had my first child three and a half years ago and became the biggest that I had ever been, then fell pregnant again but came back to the gym and began to really enjoy it. I came to my first nutritional seminar ready to learn something new and get fit. Wow! I left feeling ready to tackle my ‘mum tum’ and today got on the scales to find I have lost a stone and I am so extremely happy! I followed VH’s advice and it’s been the best thing I have ever done. It’s so easy and simple when you know how.”
“Weight had slowly crept on until I looked at a photo of myself and realised enough is enough! I fell off the bandwagon a few times and lost my focus but VH was always there to remind me of my end goal ‘Do you want that piece of cake you have craved for 5 minutes, or the body you have ALWAYS wanted?’ So far I have lost 4 stone and 30 inches.”
“Awesome course! I have learnt loads and I took my measurements at the start of the course and again at the end. I have lost 2 inches around my waist and 2 inches around my tummy!”
“I am a busy mum of 3 and I want to be fit but family is important too. Victoria taught me that 20 minutes of exercise can be as effective as one hour running. Victoria is passionate and inspires others to be healthy too and she is determined in ensuring you get the results you want.”
“I bought a new pair of work clothes prior to starting the course and now they are too big – 7 inches lost. I feel confident and happy how my body is changing – thanks for the motivation”

YOU could be feeling like this!


If you’re reading this then you want to make some changes be it for health, for weight or just to feel better:

THE VH Nutrition plan can help

The VH team are here to facilitate and advise, we cannot make those changes for you.

  • YOU need to do this. Be it for your health, for your family, for your lifestyle, making change is all about changing your mind set and then staying focused and motivated.
  • YOU have to make the changes.

Is the media confusing you with all the different messages as to what you can and can’t eat?

  • Take the confusion out of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugar.
  • Take the fear away from the scales, learn how to cheat and not feel guilty … do all this with VH Nutrition’s drop in sessions

Food should be simple,
it should be fun and it should be nutritious.


There is no quick option to getting healthy – no tablet you can take to make you feel amazing overnight but if you’re willing to make the commitment to the lifestyle change then:

  • VH can make sense of all the jargon
  • VH can help you make this your new lifestyle.
  • VH can help you look good and feel fabulous through diet and exercise.
  • VH can help you gain the confidence you need to look in a mirror and like what you see.
  • VH can do all this but success depends on YOU …


What have you got to lose … except for the old you?