“Since coming to VH Fitness I have made so many lovely friends. When things are getting too much for me I pack my gym bag, go to my favourite classes and all my troubles seem to go away. I am fit and happy. At 73 I show that there’s no age barrier: it’s for everyone, any age. My daughter Katie has Downs Syndrome and she loves VH too. She comes with me 2 or 3 times a week and it helps her to mix. Thank you, Victoria, for VH Fitness. “
Mary Higgins
“I had the usual apprehensions before visiting VH for the first time! What to wear, arrive early, breath in so I don’t look too fat; I had no need to worry. Within minutes of arriving Victoria had broken the ice and made me feel so welcome and immediately I was part of the family.

To me that’s what makes it so enjoyable. It’s a down to earth gym where you can realise your ambitions by being pushed to your limit in a fresh innovative way.

Friendly and knowledgeable and its now part of my daily routine.”

Stephen King
“VH Fitness has changed my life!
I’ve hated every gym I have ever been to, due to embarrassment & feeling everyone was looking at me failing. Then quickly getting bored as I wasn’t seeing results. But VH is so approachable, you feel at ease from the very first visit. Plus the group sessions are so fun it’s impossible to get bored or care how you look.

More importantly it’s not just about exercise at VH – education offered around nutrition is invaluable! And the two are needed to see amazing results, as I can now literally see.”

Claire Swift
“I have been training with Victoria since August 2014 and she really is an inspiration. I’ve always gone to the gym but have never seen results like I have working with Vic. She taught me so much about how my diet impacts my body and I still follow her eating plan as I feel so much better: more energy, less minor illnesses and less sugar spikes.
Victoria has always talked about her dream of helping people achieve goals through having her own gym and I was so proud to see her achieve that dream last year. She is the best trainer anyone could ask for and she has managed to create a gym with a great atmosphere where members are actually not just a number but a member of the VH family.

I can’t thank Victoria enough for how much she has and continues to change my life and make me a happier, fitter and more confident person.”

Jessica Lawson
“My journey with Victoria began in the summer of 2014. I’d had a tough few months and my confidence and self-esteem were at rock bottom. I started having a personal training session every week with Victoria and eventually she opened her own place: VH Fitness.
I carried on with my PT session’s but didn’t feel confident enough to try a class. After lots of chats with Victoria I decided to just go for it, put my name down for Spin: I loved it and now I do a class every morning.

I’ve met some awesome people thanks to VH who I now see as friends, I’ve completely got my confidence back and I love been a part of the VH Family.

Victoria’s taught me so much about looking after myself both physically and mentally. However, I still hate mountain climbers!!”

Katy Taylor
“I started using Victoria as a personal trainer 2 years ago. I totally hate the gym and so used PT as my way of making myself exercise! Victoria understands that I’m with her under sufferance and so she worked really hard to make sure our sessions were relevant, ever changing and as full of fun as possible. Underpinning this is a deep knowledge of physiology and diet so I’ve been delighted with the results we’ve achieved together.
When she opened VH Fitness I was very happy to join and now attend 2-3 group sessions each week. Victoria’s passion for the product she presents is first class.

If me, as a 51-year-old man who detests the gym can enjoy training, then anyone can. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

Richard Baigent
“Training with VH is what makes me get out of bed and walk from my house to the gym at 6am on a rainy morning, what made it so that when I was looking for a new job it had to be in Halifax. Yes, I’ve lost weight through the nutrition programme and I’ve become much fitter through attending group sessions and having Personal Training sessions with Victoria but it’s her motivation that keeps me going.

VH cares about you as a person, working on your goals with you rather than just giving you a plan and leaving you to it. Being a member at VH Fitness is like being part of an extended family – and to me that’s what makes it different: that’s its unique selling point.”

Kirstie Whittingham
“I’ve had frequent PT sessions with Victoria and she is always very thorough, she’s listened to what I wanted and created a programme to suit me. Her sheer passion and love for what she does has helped so many people including myself and pushed me to achieve my goals.

Victoria’s determination to follow her dreams led to the opening of VH Fitness and I love it! It’s not the typical gym where you’re fighting for machines (or the mirror) everyone supports each other and I have made good friends. It’s a fab set up with a great atmosphere and even better instructors. Cheesy as it sounds it’s like an extended family and one year on, my membership has been retained. “

Rachel Williams
“Victoria’s worked with me since before the summer, she’s made me look at food differently and make better choices for what I eat and she’s always put it into language that I understand. I’ve had PT sessions with her since the summer and I’ve never done the same routine twice. Now she’s training my football team it’s great, we’re getting stronger and playing better as a team.”
Rafferty Whittingham - Age 12
“I have been going to gyms for 15 years and VH is hands down the friendliest place to train. This is largely to do with Victoria’s great personality mixed with her 100% dedication to fitness.”
Andy Lee
“I honestly consider the members at VH as my extended family. It’s such a warm and friendly place to be because everyone is just so supportive. It’s not your typical gym … it’s full of fun and life and that’s down to the people. “
Jacqui Booth
“Victoria has introduced me to a wider range of training and challenged me more than any of the gyms that I’ve been to before. My all-round fitness levels are higher than they have ever been.”
“Victoria has helped the team in many ways this season especially in fitness, she has put us through our paces until we can’t run anymore! Without Victoria, we wouldn’t be in the amazing form we are in this season. So, a big thanks to her!”
Ben Highgate - Age 12