Spring has sprung

Birds are singing, mornings are lighter and holiday countdowns have started.

Why not use the extra time to add an extra half an hour to your training schedule by joining the breakfast club here at VH?

Spin Fusion: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:05
This is a 45 minute fusion of circuit and spin. The 20 minute circuit covers leg and glute strengthening, and some core training. 20 minutes on the spin bike with sprints, hovers and hill climbs. Stretch off and you’re ready to start your day.

Rig: Tuesday and Thursday at 7:15
30 minutes of interval training to take you on a journey round the equipment in the gym. This includes cardio blasts and weight related exercises to ensure you start your day with a spring in your step (or your burpee)!

From 27th April the Thursday morning class will be run by Jason Ditchfield, come along and try something new.

Early morning training:

  • wakes you up
  • increases mental awareness
  • improves concentration by releasing mood enhancing endorphins
  • flushes out the lymphatic system
  • forces the body to burn more fat due to a reduction in glycogen stores
  • increases metabolism which means you burn more calories even when resting
  • done early you’re less likely to skip

30 minutes is all it takes for an intense blast to increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism ready for the day ahead.

After your workout have a nice warm shower, followed with a coffee or a smoothie and eggs or porridge for breakfast in our V-Nutritious café

We’re sure you all agree: spring mornings were made for VH

This is just a glimpse at what VH has on offer, we have over 50 other classes at various times during the week with our amazing instructors – check the timetable at www.vhfitness.co.uk

Use the online booking system and put the spring in your step with VH

VH Team
Happy to help.

Any questions feel free to email gym@vhfitness.co.uk or ask any member of the V-Fit team