Happy December


Countdown to the holiday season is on (with a little help from a chocolate calendar…)

Who’s on a mission to fit into their party outfits?

And who will follow the trend to over indulge and reduce (or stop) training in December?



‘Well… I won’t eat for a few days and maybe if I breath in, and put on my spandex my outfit might just fit… ‘

Only to stuff your face at the party and/ or brunch.


It doesn’t taste great, but you’ve paid for it so you might as well eat it all.


‘And the boss has paid for the wine – top up please… ‘


‘Anyway I’m starting a new fitness regime in January so December is my free pass to eat enough food to sink the Titanic… ‘




Why not make this year different!!






Hints and tips for December survival:


  1. Don’t starve yourself to fit into your dress (boys!)

It’s so bad for you and will actually only make things worse in the long run.

Try my flat tummy plan (coming soon on my Victoria Hall Fitness Facebook page) as this will make sure you still eat the right clean foods, make sure your body is nourished and you are not starved!


  1. Don’t be tempted by the Christmas special offers.

I noticed Christmas mince pies on offer in the shops back in September… Put them down!!! Don’t be fooled by all the marketing ploys to convince yourself that it’s a good deal to save money if you buy 6 packets!


  1. Limit the booze!

We all love a boozey Christmas (it gets us through dinner with the in-laws after all) but do we really need those 6 snowballs, 3 baileys and a litre of mulled wine?

Alcohol is pure sugar and while your liver is busy breaking down the alcohol, it won’t be breaking down any other body fat in your body.

If you must… Stick to a few gins, vodka or soda with fresh lime!

Be careful with top-ups. Topping up your glass can lead to you losing count of the amount you have been drinking. Finish one glass before accepting a top-up.

Alternate your drinks. Alternate one alcoholic drink with one non-alcoholic drink such as water.


  1. Don’t fill the house with naughty foods… Yes that’s right, you really don’t that tin of roses to get you through wrapping the kids presents!

Keep the house free of temptations!


  1. Avoid going hungry to parties.

I am always disappointed with my Christmas meals but I still eat my prawn cocktail smothered in Marie Rose (yuk!), my dry turkey and soggy potatoes, and my dodgy Christmas puddin’.

Eat something light before to reduce your chances of snacking on high calorie party food.


  1. Exercise



No sorry dancing badly to the Slade Christmas song does not count!

Do not become one of the 90% of people who stop exercising throughout December.

Stick to your normal routine and do a little of something everyday – ditch the lift and take the stairs, park far away at the supermarket – Walk! Walk! Walk!



Have a great December!

Just think how proud you will feel if you make some small simple changes this year.

And maybe give Santa some green tea and Rudolph a carrot with hummus?

See you in January!